As a wellness and life coach working with many people throughout the years, I was able to experience many products and services. 


Here are a few that I love, use and want to share with you.  If you used them, let me know what you think. 


"You don’t choose the oils,

the oils choose you."

Jill Davis, Young Living Essential Oils

When I was training to be a doula, the instructor told us all about Young Living Essential Oils.  She told us about thieves... the story fascinated me and I love to tell others too!  During the black plague, people were dying.  A bunch of thieves were rubbing a blend of oils on themselves, and then stealing from those who have passed from this disease.  Once they were caught, the king told them that if they shared how they are not getting sick, he would lessen their sentence.  They told him that they use a blend of oils: lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, clove, and eucalyptus. 

Since then, over 10 years ago, I have used my oils for aromatherapy, diffusing, when I am feeling not well, not happy, off balance and in pain.  My friends always ask me what oils are good for their ailments, and before I knew it, I now had a business.  I didn't plan it, but funny how life takes you on different paths.  Now I educate others and host intro to oils meetings in my home for adults and children.


I always recommend a Starter Kit.  A Starter Kit is VERSATILE – you can use it for everything from skin care to wellness to cleaning to body care to sleep and even getting the kids to calm down before bed.  And of all the essential oil companies out there, I’ve found that Young Living is HANDS-DOWN the best and has the most affordable starter kit.

Jill Davis, PUR2O

At PUR2o, their goal is to educate the public about water quality and contamination, and their impact on our health and wellbeing and that is EXACTLY what they did for me.  


For years, I have been using PUR2o in my home and the difference it has made for me and my family is incredible.  I also love the mission to help eliminate plastic bottles from polluting our planet and our bodies.  Another goal of mine as well.  


PUR2o’s Whole House Water Conditioning and Purifying Systems was installed at the point-of-entry of my home and it was so easy and affordable.  They have so many products to help you and your family.  Here's their link pur2o.com

Feel free to contact me for more details...I would love to tell you more about it and the difference it has made.

Dr. Rob Wood

Best of the best in chiropractic care with his natural approach to balancing the systems in the body is Dr. Rob Wood in Wayne.  


Dr. Rob Wood specializes in The Zone Technique, a natural approach to balancing the systems of the body. This stimulates the body’s own recuperative powers, resulting in a higher functioning individual.


True health occurs on a physical (body), mental (mind) and spiritual (soul) level. Physical health includes a balanced diet, exercise and rest. Mental/Spiritual health includes an understanding of Natural Laws and their relation to our individual lives. Dr. Wood is trained to locate and correct energetic blocks on a physical, mental and spiritual level that one acquires throughout their life. True health is not a goal; it is a state of being.


Here's his link drrobwood.com.  If you go to see him, tell him "Jill" sent you.  

Hesperides Organica Farm, established in 2007, is located in the heart of the Black Dirt region where this fertile soil was formed 12,000 years ago when the glacier receded leaving behind deep layers of decayed plant matter.  They are fortunate to be able to grow a wide variety of vegetables and herbs in this extremely rich soil. They sell their produce exclusively through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) where members receive a weekly box of freshly-harvested, sustainably grown vegetables from June through November.  


Feel free to join me and others that support local our farmers by sharing their organic produce through a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).   It's so easy to get freshly-harvest vegetables and herbs delivered each week.  Pick up in Fair Lawn, NJ.  Contact me for more details.  

Jill Davis, CSA

Through I feel strongly that our nutrition should come from the good foods we eat, I love these supplements below...


  • Throne Vitamin B

  • The Synergy Company- VIT C

  • CBD Oil



  • Mega Spore probiotic

  • Bio K

  • Bio Kult

  • HMF for infants

  • VSL3


And to finish up the list of A few of My Favorite Things, here are some books that I read and re-read many times as they are that good!