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My Path, My Journey...

My Story

Let me share a little bit about my journey so far, why I have such a passion for my work, and why it is so important to me...

 I was born hearing impaired and coped by reading lips and body language from a very early age, but as a child, I did not know how perceptive I actually was. 


Growing up, I had to find my way in the hearing world which activated my strong intuition, gut feelings and psychic abilities at a young age.   

Throughout my teens, I was frequently made aware of my abilities, though I didn't know I was gifted. With each experience, with each story, things became more tangible and real.  I was always asking questions but no one had answers, so I started searching for answers and exploring various belief systems.  This continued throughout my teenage years as I was completely unaware that "this higher stuff" even existed, let alone it being something that I was gifted with.  


It wasn't until my early 20's when becoming an elementary school teacher in a very tough school district that I realized I had something very special, a gift to heal, a gift to transform.  Before then, I just assumed everyone shared my same experiences.


In my 30s, I kept getting the feeling that I am supposed to be healing others with my gift to communicate with the spirit world.  I saw a medium for a reading and I asked her where she received her training and then she told me all about The Inner Spiritual Center and I immediately enrolled and I instantly felt something ‘click’ inside me – like I was coming into alignment.


What I’ve learned in my journey so far, is that we are powerful spiritual beings and we get to create our own destiny. I strongly believe that we can ALL do this, it just depends on your openness, desire, and beliefs.  It starts with your inner guidance system and your intuition and a whole new world will open for you. 


I'm now in my 40s, I know my gift is a precious one, and I intend to do everything I can to use it to encourage spiritual healing and positive life transformations for my clients.  


As Elizabeth Gilbert says:

The universe buries strange jewels within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.

It’s time to explore, it's time to grow, it's to transform.