"They are always there. Supporting, guiding &

loving us."

Reconnecting with the people you love and miss is a beautiful part of the healing process when you experience the loss of a loved one.  I am gifted with the ability to communicate within that realm, bringing forth evidence that shows they are still aware of your life, connected, and giving their loving messages.  Sometimes it takes more than just “knowing they are in a better place” to start living fully again, and an evidential mediumship reading can give you the peace you need to carry on. 


My readings are truly unique. I am able to bring my Life & Wellness Coaching into my readings, making sure each person leaves feeling more complete. I love working with those in the Spirit World...and my goal is to give you the best possible reading, whether that be in person or on the phone when a distance is an issue.


I also enjoy taking extra care to comfort young children who have lost someone they love and I welcome them to join in a family session.  A connection can affect a grieving child in a positive way as they face life without the physical presence of someone they have lost.



All sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday and evening and weekend readings are available upon request.  The length of each reading varies based on individual and group requests.    

Private Reading - One-on-One

Private Reading ~ Perfect if you are local to me, or prefer ‘in person’ reading and able to travel to my home or an agreed upon location.

Private Reading (via phone/Skype) ~ Perfect if you are unable to travel, or prefer the convenience of having your reading in the comfort of your own home.

Group Reading

Gather together with friends/family for an enjoyable group reading.


Choose Individual Readings or Demonstration Style

Minimum of 6 – 8 guests if choosing Individual Readings* 

Minimum 8+ guests if choosing Demonstration Style 


*Each person receives an Individual Reading.  Host’s Reading is complimentary.

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May 2018...

"Today was amazing. I did a few readings but one communicator stood out. I saw my clients dad who had passed, gave her evidence that it was him. Towards the end, I saw him in prison with a white light shining on him. I told my client that I feel he was in prison and was wrongfully accused. She validated that for me and told me it was true. He did get out after a year." 



March 2018...

"When I did a reading this morning, my client’s father in the spirit world, showed me a white bird and said when she sees them, it is a sign he is there with her. After the reading is over, she told me at his funeral at the cemetery, there was a white goose out of nowhere. I LOVE these validations so much!  So healing!"


December 2017...

"I did a reading for someone yesterday. The reading was coming to an end and she said she hoped her nephew would come through. I told my client that I can’t always guarantee, the spirit world directs who comes through. As soon as she said nephew, I saw him. I asked her to confirm that he was a teen and soon I saw that he committed suicide. She confirmed and she was grateful he came at the end. He wanted to tell her that he was safe and happier now."


Important Disclaimer


You are able to record your session.  There is always a possibility I may not be able to read for you.  If I am not able to read for you, I will be honest and let you know.   You may wish for one person to make their presence known.  While I hope they do, I cannot promise you that any one person will come through.  If they are present, I cannot promise they will communicate.  I will do my best that whoever does step forward to communicate I will make you aware of who they are and why they are here.  

Please note in mediumship work, there is evidence of information; but there may also be other information given during a  reading.  As the evidence information stands on its own, the other information is only an opinion from the communication.   It is then one’s own personal responsibility as to the choice that is made based on this communication.  I hold no responsibility for any one's personal choice.  Please note there is a 12-hour cancellation policy.