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"He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings and all being in his own self."

People have been asking me for years to offer programs for children and adults.  My spiritual training, mentoring, and teaching is for anyone who is interested in further developing their intuitive abilities.


I created Mindful Matters for that reason and the results and feedback I have received exceeded my expectations. 


I hold teachings and training in mediumship and intuitive awareness several times a year at different locations. I also do workshops and events as a speaker.  My hope is that these workshops open people up to a new understanding of themselves and their spiritual selves.


Sometimes children have trouble expressing themselves or they can't figure out what is making them feel sad, lonely, or anxious.  What about the child who has a hard time speaking up in class or in social situations?   The Mindful Matters class will help children understand their feelings and emotions.   We will talk about changing belief systems into positive ones.  This will build self-worth and help them feel good about themselves in both their thinking and in their writing.

Children benefit from learning how to express themselves through different channels.  For example, writing, imagery, and chatting are powerful tools that can help them process their emotions and change perspectives. This class will help them find their voice and themselves. 

Rates vary depending on travel time, group size, session duration, etc.  Please contact me so we can design the class for your needs.  

Mindful Matters Classes

In today's world, children (and adults) are inundated with information and stimuli.  Many are experiencing high levels of anxiety, restlessness, and stress. Studies have shown that mindfulness, wellness, and meditation practices can help children, increase self-esteem, and even improve relationships with parents/others.


Mindful Matters classes, children (and adults) learn how to quiet their minds through a variety of practices, including movements, wellness practice, writing, and guided meditations. This is a class is perfect as a weekly event at schools, daycares, private homes, and elsewhere.  


Also, available is my class designed for moms and dads (and other guardians) to learn how to teach little ones the concepts of Mindful Matters.  You will learn how to explain the function of the stressed brain to children, in a kid-friendly way, and how to cope with it. You will be given multiple ways to help children to quiet their minds, and find focus.  Classes can be held at any location, date and time.  

Mindful Matters - Intuition Development

This class is for those who wish to develop their natural intuitive and spiritual gifts.   Learn to connect with your spirit loved ones and spiritual messages --- and to tap into your intuition to make choices for your highest good. I will teach you how to understand energy and all the ways we can receive or give energy and answers questions about experiences you’ve likely had.  

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