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It is my belief that positive energy and true spiritual healing come from within. My passion is to assist the soul in finding true joy. ​

Psychic Medium with a Spiritual Twist!

Connecting in spirit with those you love and miss is a beautiful part of healing. And sometimes, it takes more than knowing they're in a better place to start enjoying life again. A reading could give you the comfort you need to move forward.


A mediumship reading brings messages from your departed loved ones. As I connect with them, they share memories, personality traits, your relationship, how they passed, signs they leave, and other information I share with you.

Life never fails to provide us with challenges that limit our ability to live our purpose fully. If finding ways to manage these challenges feels hopeless and out of reach, you can find help in spiritual guidance. Spiritual guidance teaches you why life themes occur, why we experience pain and difficulty, why we face what we do, and how we can grow and heal from it. During my sessions, I can help you break through to overcome and resolve challenges.

By changing old belief systems and letting go of things that no longer serve you, you gain greater insight, inner peace, and a sense of empowerment. We become braver, more authentic selves.

For the past twelve years, I've been doing professional readings and spiritual guidance, combining all of my abilities to serve in two main ways:


  • Connecting your energies with those in the spirit world to help in your search for peace and understanding.


  • Assist you in understanding yourself, your spiritual awareness, and shifting your old beliefs into new beliefs that serve you better.

When you understand what you are capable of creating and achieving in your life, you will discover a new and liberated way of living, thinking, and being. It would be an honor to support you on your journey of self-discovery.

Jill E. Davis Psychic Reading Fair Lawn NJ

Hello, my name is Jill, and I am a mother, a medium, a psychic, an advisor, a healer, a trainer, a coach, a teacher, a mentor and a friend.


And each of these roles allows me to follow my most profound passion and do what I do best---help others in their spiritual and transformative healing.


I've been on my spiritual journey of healing and learning. I want to help you discover how you can evolve on your journey.

Our human journey includes spiritual and personal growth. Growth can be challenging since it often necessitates change, which can be difficult and painful. I'll support you in overcoming those difficulties.


I am confident that as we work together, we will forge a path of empowerment, serenity, and contentment for your past, present, and future.

Psychic Medium

A spiritual reading occurs when I connect with the spirit world so you can receive answers, understanding, healing, and peace.

As a trained medium, I have refined my spiritual abilities and gifts. I use all my senses to receive information from spirit guides, loved ones, and your energies to offer insight into situational challenges. 


A reading can help you:

  • validate and communicate with passed loved ones

  • guide on your path

  • provide solace in times of uneasiness

  • create a space of healing

  • offering insight for change, helping you gain clarity about difficulties you may be experiencing

Spiritual Teacher

If you want to feel empowered, spiritual guidance is for you. I connect with your energy and help you change your belief systems. Once you see the issues, true change is possible. Depending on your situation, I use various techniques to guide you through understanding, centering, and release. And once you see things differently, your life will change.

Through spiritual guidance, you will feel:

  • inner peace, empowerment, true happiness, more resilience, and healing

  • a new relationship with yourself and others

  • aware of your needs, validated, and refreshed

  • you can break negative patterns, trust your intuition, and discover who you are 

Men, women, and children I work with include:

  • Those who want to feel more empowered in their lives.

  • Those who need more answers in their lives.

  • Those who need support in understanding their truth, feeling it, expressing it, and standing up for what they need.

  • Those who are nervous and depressed.

  • Those who desire to become more spiritually aware.

  • Those who want to know why things happen the way they do.

  • Those who want to know their life themes and learn from them.

  • Those who are anxious and need to boost their confidence.

  • Those who want to feel acknowledged, healed and need help changing their belief systems.

I am a lightworker who helps in the illumination of their paths. My services are available to everyone, regardless of their level of spiritual awareness. My job is to help you feel good and be happy ;)

My 'soul' purpose is to help people discover who they are, love themselves, and understand their 'soul' purpose.

Kind Words From Clients

I've learned what it takes to be a trustworthy reader and advisor to my clients. Following our sessions, my clients say they feel more confident, more clear, and happier. Here are some of the compliments I received.

"Jill is truly unique! She has a fantastic gift! She made me feel very welcome. She was able to connect with many of my loved ones. And most important, my great-grandmother. Her reading was incredibly insightful and full of accurate facts that nobody would have known. She also said very specific things about myself and my family. I was pleased with the reading. I cannot wait to see her again to connect with my great-grandmother again. Thank you so much, Jill, for your help. I immensely appreciate it. Continue sharing your unique gift with us. Thank you!"

Santa Celeste Moya, 2022

"Jill is amazing! She made me feel so welcome and comfortable throughout the entire reading. I received many validations as well as advice. Most of my family members have also went for readings and had great experiences. I'm incredibly grateful to have met Jill and would recommend her readings to anyone. I left with more clarity, ease, and peace than I've felt in a very long time. Thank you, Jill"

Greta K., 2022

"Jill was amazing!!! I was a true skeptic walking in and walking out I was truly amazed and felt a sense of peace. To anyone reading this review Jill is the real thing. This experience will change you! Jill made contact with family members who had passed. She was spot on with my Father and Grandmother. Then she made contact with my daughter who had passed at 25 years old less than three months ago. It was no doubt my little woman. Jill told me things ONLY my daughter and I knew. Not just one thing, but MANY MANY things ONLY me and her knew!! There's just too much to say in this review.

This is to you Jill.....

Thank you. You have given me much-needed peace to my injured heart and soul. I'm also glad you were able to meet my amazing little girl. I will be back if that's ok?"

Gary Florio, 2022

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