It is my belief that positive energy and true spiritual healing come from within.  My passion is to assist the soul in finding true joy. ​

Jill Davis Spiritual Medium and Life & Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Jill

and I am a person of many things...

                   ...a mother, a foodie, a medium, an advisor, a coach, an organizer, a teacher, a mentor, and a friend. 



All of these roles provide me with the opportunity to explore my greatest passion and to do what I do best... a spiritual and transformational teacher and healer.  

Over the last few years, I have worked as a professional Spiritual Medium and spent my life as a Teacher and Life & Wellness Coach to people of all ages.  I am also the founder of Mindful Matters, programs that help people learn self-discovery through spiritual awareness, meditation, and wellness.  I hold a certificate from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Wellness Coach and for Medium Development at the Inner Spiritual Center and I am the recipient of the Helen Cook Achievement Award.  Throughout my life, I have been on my own personal spiritual journey - one of healing and of learning.  I am now inviting you to read about who I am and how I may be able to help you on your journey. 



Together, we will discover how your experiences in your life have been a building block to who you are and I will guide you to shift patterns, perspectives, and beliefs towards your true path. 


Spiritual and personal transformation is an important journey that will help you create a meaningful life.  Some may feel it's a hard journey because it requires change and work, but in moments of doubt, there will be forgiveness, there will be discovery, you will will transform.

As we work through your personal spiritual journey, I promise we will build a path of inspiration, empowerment, peace, and contentment, for your present and your future...

 ...this is my promise to you.


My 'soul' purpose is to help people to discover who they really are, love themselves, and to understand their 'soul' purpose.

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Kind Words From Clients

Throughout the years, I’ve learned what it takes to become a confident reader, advisor, and wellness & life coach that my clients trust.  After our sessions, my clients report feeling more confident, have more clarity, and leave feeling more joyful. Here are some of the praises that I received.  

"Had a really cool experience with Medium Jill Jason Davis today.   The reading was a birthday gift and took me by was my 1st medium experience and I am very intrigued with the results!"

—  Patricia, April 2017

"Jill is absolutely amazing.  Although I was a little skeptical she won me over the minute she mentioned a nickname for my father that I hadn't heard since I was a child. It will take me a while to process everything she told me, but I can't wait till I meet with her again. THANK YOU JILL!!!!  It has been a long time since I had such hope for the future."

—  Gail, June 2018

"Thanks, Jill Jason Davis for an amazing experience. The names you got, personality traits you nailed, and things you knew were shocking--there's no way you could have known some of the details you told me. It was such a fun and amazing experience❤️❤️. Thanks!!"

—  Sarah, March 2017

"Jill, I truly can't thank you enough for my first ever reading today. I've always been skeptical, yet open-minded, but the spiritual connection you made today with my mom (and all four grandparents) went way above and beyond my expectation. From things you said and the way you said them (including knowing a couple of very "inside" jokes!), there is no doubt my mom was in the room with us. I honestly haven't had a day with this much hope and joy since my mom has been gone. Thank you for being so warm, understanding, and intuitive. I am at peace knowing my mom is at peace.  Xoxo"

—  Shari, December 2017

"So, my Friend, Jill is a medium.  I had her do a reading for me OMG it was awesome. It’s amazing she didn’t know things about me and tapped into them. If u are ever thinking of doing one I say go and do it!!! You won’t be sorry u did. Thank,s Jill for doing this for me!!!!"

—  Tanya, January 2018

"Thank you so much for the amazing reading, Jill Jason Davis!!! I am always so skeptical of mediums but I was FLOORED when you got the name of my cousin right away! I had wanted him to come through and you got his name, his general age, and his personality. <3 Most (maybe even all) of my friends don't even know about him and his story. You are amazing and I am so thankful for the connection."

—  Joy, April 2017

"Thank you so much for an incredible mediumship reading. You were able to communicate so many of my loved ones for me. I found it very healing and soothing, especially when my mom came through. I now feel more at peace. I will come to you again soon. Thank you. "

—  Charlene, February 2017

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