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Brain Training for Everyone

NeurOptimal® is a brain workout. It is a cutting-edge neurotechnology that trains the brain to perform at top levels. This innovative form of neurofeedback is not a medical treatment but brain training.

Neurofeedback changes your brain's hardwired responses and sends information back to tell it that there is a better way to be. This process is known as neuroplasticity. The ability of your brain to reorganize itself and form new pathways allows it to regulate itself better. With a well-regulated brain, you no longer get locked into the fight/flight reaction, your anxiety or panic attacks are a thing of the past, you enjoy a better night's sleep, and you go through your day more calmly and efficiently.

"Who can benefit from using NeurOptimal®?" Our answer: "Anyone with a Brain." This is because there are no criteria to determine whether you can use NeurOptimal® or not. 

All learning happens outside of your conscious awareness. NeurOptimal® automatically adapts to your brain's activity over time, tailoring the training to your brain's functioning microsecond by microsecond. The NeurOptimal® system was designated as a General Wellness Product by the FDA in 2018, making it safe for consumers to use without a doctor's prescription or oversight. 

I've used the system on myself, my family, and my clients, and the results have been impressive. I'm adding more information about it to my website, including feedback and stories from those who used it. In the meantime, let me answer the most frequently asked questions: "How do I get started?" and  "What happens during a session?"​

  • As your certified NeurOptimal® trainer, I'll have you list the complaints that you are feeling. Either at my Fair Lawn, NJ location or another location that's a quiet space, I attach special sensors to your head and ears that will feed your brain wave patterns into the NeurOptimal® program's software. 

  • As the session begins, music will be played through earbuds, or you can listen out loud. You'll notice "skips" or interruptions in the music from time to time – this signal tells your brain to reset and optimize itself.

  • NeurOptimal® processes your brain signals rapidly, and when it detects them moving into an "instability," the music or movie pauses very briefly. This is the "feedback."

  • You will most likely feel less stressed and more mentally clear at the end of a session and will unlikely experience any adverse side effects. 

Feel free to call me at 201-424-3463 or fill out my Contact Form, and we can discuss NeurOptimal® further. And if you're ready to book, click the button below to schedule your first session.

NeurOptimal® has no known side effects and has been designated a General Wellness Product by the FDA. 

  • Promotes healthy sleep habits

  • Helps with sleep management

  • Helps improve mental activity 

  • Helps maintain wellness 

  • Contributes to general wellness

  • Promotes relaxation, which as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help to live with anxiety

  • Can help change the perception of their "stuff" 

  • Helps manage stress better

  • Passive brain training for personal enrichment

  • Can boost self-esteem

  • Helps you become more flexible and resilient, which makes coping with what you're dealing with easier

  • Helps promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Assists with weight loss goals

  • Helps promote relaxation or stress management

  • Improves instruction following, concentration, problem-solving, multitasking, resource management, logic, pattern-recognition or eye-hand coordination

  • Enhances learning capacity

  • Keeps your brain fit

Safe and Effective

NeurOptimal® is a safe and natural way to train your brain and will benefit you at any age. 

Natural and Non-Invasive

The NeurOptimal® system provides your brain with information on how it’s running, allowing it to correct itself.

Quick and Easy
Connect to the NeurOptimal® system, relax, and allow your brain to perform the work. That's all there is to it.

NeurOptimal® Session and Package

  • Training can be once a week or multiple times a week.

  • Sessions run about 40 minutes, and the actual training time is  33.5 minutes.

  • There are 5 EEG Sensors placed on your scalp and ears. 

  • A session is effortless. The primary feedback is auditory. 

  • It's 100% non-invasive brain training. Safe for any age.

One NeurOptimal Session $125.
Package of 4 Sessions $400.
Package of 10 Sessions $900.

For professionals looking to bring NeurOptimal® neurofeedback into their health and wellness practice, contact me. I welcome the opportunity to offer this at your practice.

Important Disclaimer


NeurOptimal® is a training tool and does not diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent or cure any disease, disorder, or abnormal physical state, nor does it restore, modify or correct the body’s structure or functioning. If you require medical assistance, please seek the advice of your physician.

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