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Healing Sessions To Move You Forward

“Your soul has one purpose …to be happy ”

As a spiritual advisor, I will never decide for you or tell you what to do. Instead, I'll help you by untangling and revealing what lies beneath.

Emotional life situations (such as relationships, parenting, health, self-care, and career) are rarely what they seem at first. Through spiritual growth, even the most difficult situations can be understood and dealt with in healthy ways. Through positive understanding and spiritual growth, you can expect to become more aware of ways to help yourself deal with the problems you face. You will become empowered.

You'll learn to break bad habits, follow your instincts, and discover your true self. And you'll learn to overcome these difficulties by developing your inner spirituality.

There is no single plan of action as it's essential to make each session beneficial for you as an individual. We'll discuss what is going on in your life and then put what you've learned in our sessions to use.


You'll have homework to do and a "toolbox" to build so you can discover new strategies to reduce depression and anxiety, how to trust yourself, and how to become your empowered self.

Do you want to see if this is the right fit for you? I welcome you to schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery call to determine whether we are a good fit.

There are numerous ways to care for your body, mind, and spirit. I've trained in various modalities and disciplines, which I use in my coaching sessions and in ways that encourage awareness and deeper understanding.

I've learned we're all here to support and teach one another. I'll use my spiritual knowledge, understanding, holistic guidance, and intuitive healing methods to help you change.

I show you how to use the power you already have inside you to transform your body, mind, and soul, bringing healing and love into your life. We'll get rid of mental blocks and wake up your deepest and highest self, which will help you do well in your life and fulfill your purpose.

You will:

  • Transform your relationship with yourself.

  • ​Learn how to use tools to heal your past and let go of old narratives holding you down.

  • Create your ritual, meaning, and power. 

  • Discover how to manage your limiting beliefs and change them into self-serving forces.​

  • Change your automatic reaction to your triggers into a conscious mindset.

  • Determine your passion and connect yourself with it.

  • Learn to accept and love all aspects of yourself.

  • ​Improve your self-awareness and confidence.

  • Make room for new and more fulfilling actions by removing old and unhappy energies.

True healing will take place within you. All you have to do with me is take a breath, let me listen to your needs, let go of your fear and be yourself.

45-Minute Session $185.
Package of 4 Sessions $700.

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